Video: Sean Lennon And Rufus Wainwright Sing ‘Material Girl’ At Occupy Wall Street

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Sean Lennon and Rufus Wainwright were the latest musicians to grace Occupy Wall Street protesters with their guitar-wielding presences. The two performed a version of Madonna‘s “Material Girl” for the crowd, which feels a little sanctimonious if you ask me.

Do we really buy Sean Lennon and Rufus Wainwright’s condemnation of materialism? We’re talking about the son of one of the most commercially successful frontmen of all time and a guy who’s most popular song is about how he can’t stop buying and consuming things he knows are bad for him. So I can’t help but feel that this is a disingenous move coming from two guys who have never experienced a day of financial hardship in their lives. Oh well — at least the song’s cute.