Video: Robert Pattinson Really Hates Twilight…No But Seriously, He Does

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After a long, infuriating wait, Breaking Dawn: Part II was released yesterday — the final movie in the Twilight saga. In honor of this momentous event, Robert Pattinson has been out for months…nay years, talking up his part in this movie that he's so proud of. Any time anyone asks him a question about it, he can't stop gushing about how much he loves it. Wait. No. The exact opposite of that. I knew that Edward Cullen wasn't Rob's favorite character that he's ever played, but until I saw this supercut of interview clips of him dissing the series, I had no idea as to the extent of his scorn.

The video is a montage of interviewers asking Rob innocuous questions about Twilight, with Rob answering them with everything from an eyeroll and a scoff to a tirade on the personal failings of the series' author Stephenie Meyer. While technically extremely unprofessional, since Rob was…y'know…still in the midst of filming the franchise and stuff, I find this extremely hilarious, as I happen to agree with many of the points he makes.

Early on he calls it “a book that shouldn't have been published”, and goes on to say, “My entire performance is based on extreme discomfort having contact lenses in your eyes…it's kind of a mixture of looking, like, slightly constipated and stoned. It's quite easy to achieve.” At least he respects the beautiful love story at the heart of the series, though, between Edward and Bella Swan. Wait, nope. No he doesn't. In his own words:

“He tells he he killed forty or fifty people and he's like, ‘You really shouldn't [be with me]…and I want to kill you so much every single day, every moment I'm with you I'm desperately wanting to kill you.” And she's like, “I don't care, I love you.” And it's like…there's definitely something wrong with her, and there's very obviously something wrong with me.”

Word. Word up to that, R-Patz. Oops, actually, I won't call him that name I guess, because he “would like to break the hands and mouth of the person who came up with that.”

Fair enough, buddy, now get back out there and make us proud, you squinting son of a bitch.