Video: President Obama Sings A Snippet Of Al Green, Isn’t Half Bad

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While speaking at a fundraiser at Harlem's Apollo Theater last night, President Obama couldn't help but break into a bit of spontaneous song when mentioning that the Reverend Al Green was in attendance. And the crowd went wild.

The song he sang was “Let's Stay Together” and although he only sang the first phrase, it was enough to drive the audience crazy. And with good reason…he was great! “The Sandman did not come out,” he remarked, referring to “Sandman Sims,” the tapdancer who used to escort failed acts off the stage there. This little performance made me wonder what other sexy talents the President is hiding, and also what he'd sound like singing a whole song. Maybe after he's done being president, he can have a second career as a smooth jams recording artist.

Come to think of it, “Let's Stay Together” wouldn't be a terrible theme song for his re-election campaign, either. It has a nicer ring to it than “Let's Keep Terrifying People Out Of The White House,” anyway.

(Via Contact Music)