Video: Peter Jackson’s Second ‘Hobbit’ Video Blog

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Back at the beginning of June, The Hobbit finished up its first block of shooting, and in honor of the occasion, Peter Jackson has just posted his second video blog chronicling the production process. Interesting things to note here include the crew's commemorative jackets (“54 days down, 200 to go!”), the fact that Andy Serkis is the second unit director as well as Gollum, and what the cast and crew are planning on doing during their break. The next block of shooting begins on September 5, and since it's going to involve a whole lot of location shooting, a good chunk of the blog gives an inside look about what goes into location scouting. Sometimes this means watching Peter Jackson juggle a cup of tea miraculously without spilling it as he goes trooping through the mountains. It's pretty amusing. There's also a few more images of Martin Freeman (who will presumably be using his break to shoot the next season of Sherlock) and Hugo Weaving as Bilbo and Elrond. Check it out after the jump!