Video: Penn Badgley’s First TV Role Was On Will And Grace

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Birthday boy Penn Dayton Badgley has been acting since he was a kid. Perhaps in honor of his special day, the Gossip Girl fans at HuffPo have unearthed a clip from his very first credited TV role, and I’m very glad they did. In this short appearance (can’t really call it a cameo, as he wasn’t famous yet), Badgley plays “Boy #1,” a sexually insecure youngster who gets off on bullying kids he thinks might be gay. (At least that’s what I took from it.) Luckily, good old Jack was there to save the day.

The musicality with which he sang “nah nah nah nah nah” may have presaged his casting in Greetings From Tim Buckley, but who could have predicted that chunky little kid would grow up into the chiseled Dan Humphrey we know and love today? This just adds more ammunition to my theory that people who are hot as sexually mature adults were often weird-looking as kids or teens, and vice versa. Case in point: every child actor ever.

(Via HuffPo)