Video: Outtakes From Emma Stone And Bill Hader’s Star Wars Shoot For ‘Stand Up To Cancer’

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Stand Up To Cancer has smartly utilized three factors to get their message out: 1) Celebrities like Andy Samberg and Zach Galifianakis 2) reenacting scenes from Star Wars in a 3) viral video. Back in September they posted the official video — created in partnership with Lucasfilm — but now SU2C has released a behind-the-scenes look where the actors talk about their love for George Lucas‘ enduring series and how cancer has touched their lives.

It's really fantastic that Lucasfilm is willing to supply the footage and score for these videos. And the actors don't seem disingenuous at all, in terms of expressing their geekery and talking about the disease. You trust that Emma Stone, Seth Rogen, and Aziz Ansari are all actually fans of the series and knew some of the lines even before reenacting them for the video. Furthermore, you take their word that their parents and grandparents suffered from cancer.

Here's the official SU2C site; you can also buy the Star Wars shirts that the celebs were modeling for $25 a pop.

And in case you missed the first video…