Video: Brandy and Monica Recreate Duet Magic With A New Song

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Fourteen years ago Monica and Brandy redefined the modern cat fight with their epic duet, “The Boy is Mine.” Their soulful and respectful lyrics laid out each woman's case for why the boy was hers and we listened carefully to each side of the story. While their words touched places in my heart I didn't know existed, I always struggled with the fact that they never told us who ended up with the boy.

Well, now we have an answer and truthfully, I wasn't satisfied with the choice they made. According to their new duet, “It All Belongs to Me,” they both moved in with this boy and turns out he was the one acting like a fool all along. Not only is he blind, dumb, trippin' and crazy, but he also attempted to leave their apartment with all of their possessions. Clothes, cars, rings, a MacBook and yes, even their Facebook password.

This is the man they fought over so eloquently all those years ago? Here I was assuming he was worth a dueling duet, when it turns out he's worth nothing. Literally, he must be worth nothing. He tried to leave their house with a lot of stolen goods.

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