Video: Mila Kunis Verbally Smacks Down a Russian Reporter… in Russian

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This must be the week of celebrities saying what's actually on their mind instead of a preprogrammed answer. First it was Matt Damon and a cameraman; now Mila Kunis has put a reporter in her place. At the Russian press junket for Friends with Benefits, a female reporter asked Justin Timberlake a question along the lines of “Why movies?” since Hollywood is so mindless (a popular Ukrainian belief). While Justin was unable to answer because of a delay in translating, Mila just jumped in and showed the woman what's what in her native tongue.

Mila moved to the U.S. from the Ukraine when she was 7, so any questions about whether she'd kept up with her first language are answered here. An ONTD user from the Ukraine provided a translation of the exchange, and said it basically went like this:

Reporter: Why do you do movies?

Mila: Because he can and he enjoys it, so why not?

Reporter: But Hollywood is mindless… (trying to bait Mila into defending the industry)

Mila: Then why are you here?

Touché, Mila. You could also have gone with what is now known as the classic Matt Damon comeback: “Maybe you're just a shitty reporter.”