Video: Melissa McCarthy Charms On Letterman

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Last night, ascendant comedic actress Melissa McCarthy stopped by The Late Show With David Letterman armed with anecdotes and chutzpah to spare. Topics of conversation included her husband Ben (who has the awesome job of composing music for Looney Tunes) and her two “aggressive” young daughters, one of whom climbs everything and the other of whom likes to hit daddy “in the bagina.”

They also discussed that great moment during the Emmys when all the “Outstanding Leading Actress in a Comedy” nominees (Fey! Poehler! Linney!) rushed the stage and ultimately crowned McCarthy the winner. It's cute that she was “starstruck” even as she was about to collect the prize, but the more amusing part of this conversation came when Letterman confused Rob Lowe for Ryan Seacrest. They have literally the same energy.

And what interview with a comedic actress would be complete without embarrassing her by pulling out some “character shots” from her early days in the biz? The photos Letterman dug up were truly priceless.

(Via ONTD)