Video: Mac From ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ In Anti-Smoking PSA

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One day when I'm old and retired, I want to start a blog (by then blogs will be created in your mind, and you will be the blog because of the singularity) that marks all the times secondary characters from one popular show all hop over to another. Like on Weeds right now, I've counted two members of the Dharma Initiative and one of the “Others” from Lost. Do they all have the same agent?

But when I'm done with that blog, I'll use my computer-blog-brain to create a new file, that's filled with embarrassing childhood cameos of actors who are now popular. Like Rob McElhenney from It's Always In Philadelphia, who before playing Mac and knocking up Kaitlin Olson IRL, was in this anti-smoking ad.

His only other role before It's Always Sunny was playing Aldo Lost. THE NUMBERS MEAN SOMETHING!