Video: Lana Del Rey Gets A Do-Over On Letterman

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While many see the release of her underwhelming album Born To Die as her career's final resting place, Lana Del Rey most certainly does not. Girl's got an album to promote, and promote it she will. The much-panned singer went on The Late Show With David Letterman last night to take another stab at singing live in a way that does not cause everyone to laugh at her, and she at least succeeded at that. Ms. Del Rey performed a much more on-the-nose version of Video Games than we saw on SNL, and while there were no major gaffes, I find this song (which I used to like!) gets more repetitive and annoying each time I am forced to hear it.

Widely known as a sucker for a pretty face and voice, Dave was charmed by her, saying “wow, that was beautiful. Great to meet you…can you come back tomorrow night? Okay, how about Monday?” Personally, I'm reminded of the time Caitlin Upton (aka Miss South Carolina, a.k.a. Miss “AND LIKE SUCH AS“) went on daytime TV to re-answer her pageant question. She sounded coherent enough, but only relative to how she'd sounded before, and it didn't keep her from continuing to be Miss South Carolina. Lana Del Rey has a lot more work to do before she stops being an internet meme first and a singer second.

(Via HuffPo)