Video: Kristen Wiig Fights With Kid For Ten Minutes In Bridesmaids DVD Bonus Feature

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Remember the scene in Bridesmaids when Kristen Wiig‘s character gets fired for calling a snotty teenage customer a cunt? For anyone who thought that scene was way too short, there's a longer version on the newly released DVD Blu Ray edition, which some kind person saw fit to upload to Youtube.

Over the course of the ten-minute-long clip, Annie trades barbs with the horrid little shit (played by Mia Rose Frampton, daughter of Peter Frampton), and much of it feels improvised. It's pretty impressive that they were able to improvise so well in character, especially considering Frampton's young age and lack of experience. This kid holds nothing back, going after Annie's body, age, and even her dried out old eggs. (“My eggs are wet!” Annie is forced to respond, ludicrously.) In return, Annie tells her she's going to get bulimia and all her teeth are going to fall out, and also that she's going to grow hair between her boobs.

Who wins this epic battle of wits? I'd have to say the kid, since Annie gets fired at the end. But you should watch it and judge for yourself.