Video: John Mayer’s Attempts At Web Comedy Continues With LeBron James Parody

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If there is one area of humor that singer/comedian(?) John Mayer should stay away from, its definitely racial jokes. Last time he tried, he ended up using the n-word in Playboy, talking about how his dick was racist, and (in an unrelated incident), totally bombing during a New York comedy set where he riffed on Kumail Nanjiani‘s name and Indian heritage. Ruh-roh!

You’d think that after all that bad press, John would stay far away from the comedy scene, as obviously people just want him to sing “Wonderwall” and get the hell off the stage (and the Internet, though we doubt that will actually happen). That’s why we were dubious to see the words “John Mayer” and “LeBron James parody” this weekend in a sentence together, although watching the clip, it luckily steers clear of any racial stuff and just sticks to the semi-funny concept of using LeBron’s press conference on his decision to play for Miami to declare his own tour dates. It’s no “2 Guys, 1 Cup,” but then again, we may never return to that more innocent time in John Mayer’s repertoire.