Video: Jimmy Kimmel Gets Parents To Prank Their Kids With Horrible Back-To-School Outfits

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As part of his ongoing campaign to torture and humiliate the children of America, Jimmy Kimmel, protector of the weak (provided those weak people are celebrities) recently asked parents to “prank” their kids by dressing them up in horrible back-to-school outfits. As usual, the results were amusing, if you're a mean person who hates children.

The outfits ranged from the gender dysphoric (“I look like a girl in this!”) to the vulgar (an “I'm so gay I shit rainbows” t-shirt) to the simply ridiculous (my personal fav: a paper bag from Olive Garden), and none of the kids were too pleased. Reactions included “this is inappropriate,” “it looks nasty,” and, when the jig was up, “I hate Jimmy Kimmel!” The best one, though, was the little boy who proclaimed “I'm such a girl in this” with such a sassy lilt that I think he actually kind of liked the polka dot shorts his parents put him in. I hope at least a few of the parents who thought it would be JUST SO FUNNY to dress a boy up in girls' clothes (because what boy would ever want to do that?!) were rewarded with their kids liking the clothes and wanting to keep them.

(Via Jezebel)