Video: Jimmy Fallon Is The World’s Cutest Awkward Dad…Without Ever Actually Having Any Kids

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Jimmy Fallon, I think I might be developing a Lena Dunham-style crush on you. Actually, no, that's a lie. I had my very own crush on him in high school, I just wasn't motivated enough to write a play where we switched bodies. Instead I'd just…you know…sit on the couch and watch him crack himself up on SNL. I guess that's the difference between Lena and me: when she had a crush on Jimmy Fallon, she wrote a play about it, and when I had a crush I…watched television. Goddamn you, Jimmy Fallon, you're the reason I don't have a hit show on HBO right now. I always knew it wasn't my own fault.

Anywayyyyy. In honor of Father's Day (which is tomorrow — you only have one day left to buy your dad a tie he'll never wear!), Jimmy did a sketch on his show called ‘The Evolution of Dad Dancing‘. Modeled off of the most popular video on YouTube, ‘The Evolution of Dance‘, Jimmy's video highlights the changes in the awkward ways that dads have (and still do) dance over the years. Jimmy does all the dancing himself, in a red polo tucked into khakis with Dad glasses and sitcom dad hair. Plus an omnipresent goofy smile. Look for old classics like ‘The Groovy Hitchhiker,' last seen getting busted out at a wedding after a couple glasses of champagne, and ‘The Slippery Snake', which hasn't appeared since he chaperoned your prom.

Basically, this is an awesomely cute idea, and Jimmy Fallon is also so downright adorable that I would probably watch him do any and every dance move ever, so it all works out. Happy (almost) Father's Day to everyone — go hug your awkward dad, because he loves you very much.

Oh and note to self — write a play tonight about switching bodies with Jimmy Fallon. Then tomorrow, e-mail HBO executives and request hit show. Also buy paper towels.

(Image: danshamptons.com)