Video: Jersey Shore’s Deena Cortese Covers Alicia Keys On YouTube

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Jersey Shore
‘s own little meatball, Deena Cortese, took to YouTube with a super-serious cover of Alicia Keys‘ “Fallin,” and the result is pretty cringe-inducing. Evidently Deena would like a singing career? If she wanted to debut her amateur vocal skills on what will inevitably be a wide platform, Deena would have been wise to choose a song less difficult than Alcia's ballad. Oh well, there's always autotune.

Here's what I'll say for the Jersey Shore girls (excepting Sammi Giancola): Yes, they're sucking the life force from this nation with their shitty, juvenile antics and vomiting it back up on the steps of The Uffizi, but at least, at least!, they're not afraid to be themselves.

(via BuzzFeed)