Video: Jason Bateman Charms On ‘The Daily Show’, Admits ‘The Change-Up’ Is Crap

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Everyone's favorite party animal Jason Bateman went on The Daily Show last night, ostensibly to promote his new movie The Change-Up. He was as funny and charming as ever, and his banter with Jon Stewart was just adorable. But when it came time to discuss the movie, he cut right to the chase and said this:

It's crap, the movie's garbage…but here's what I'm gonna promise you. While it is a tired, some would say ‘pleasantly familiar' premise, our obligation is to please you post switch, right? … Entertain me after that, that's what we do. And we do the R-rated version…when you switch bodies with someone you're gonna get into some pretty dodgy situations, and they're all under the R, capital R category.

So basically, you should see The Change-Up not because it's a fine piece of cinema, but because it's a dirtier version of Freaky Friday. Which, come to think of it, would not be a bad comeback movie for Lindsay Lohan. Are you listening, LiLo?

There is also some heartbreaking talk about how there are no updates to report on the Arrested Development movie, which, ugh, I can't even. Bateman says it's held up because they're still making “the boss's deal” (the boss is show creator Mitch Hurwitz), and he seems to be telling the truth. While annoying, this is kind of good for everyone involved, because if it ever comes out that Michael Cera is the hold out, I shudder to think what people might do to him.