Video: James Franco’s Faintly Ridiculous Return To ‘General Hospital’

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James Franco, probably one of the most intriguing actors we have working today, has taken time from his busy schedule of writing, directing, going to class, and screwing with everyone’s preconceived notions of his sexuality to return to acting. Well, sort of: The Spiderman star made his highly-anticipated (?) return to daytime soap opera General Hospital yesterday as Franco, the artist with a dark past.  Did you know the character “Franco” had his own IRL art opening at the MOCA? Who does that? Maybe that’s where his storyline will dovetail with drag queen performance artist Kulup Linzy’s, whom the actor pulled strings some strings for to appear on the show.

Also on General Hospital? James Franco’s mom, who will make a guest-appearance this Friday, probably as “Franco’s mom.” Because at this point, James Franco is “Franco,” don’t you get it? Anyway, if you were wondering how seriously to take any of this, here are the clips of his triumphant return from yesterday.

Analyzing these clips completely devoid of their context, I’m going to say that Franco has returned to the hospital (this show is about a hospital, right?) to get a haircut and terrorize some woman on crutches with roses. And art. And the number 66. No spoilers, but maybe he’ll show her The Feast of Stephen and really freak her out.