Video: Is This Young Facebook Addict The Rebecca Black Of HipHop?

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I know what you're thinking: “duh, Patrice Wilson is the Rebecca Black of hiphop.” I'm pretty sure this song will change your mind.

Posted by a shadowy Youtube user called “newcrewofficial” with no other videos or info, “facebook my favorite song” seems like a genuine attempt to make the popular social networking site seem gangsta. Unfortunately for him, try as he might, it's impossible to look “hard” while checking Facebook, so he fails at his intended project. Instead, he unwittingly paints a depressing picture of the youth of today with awkwardly phrased lyrics like “Facebook is my favorite thing to do when I'm all alone/I'm at home, Facebookin' on my phone.”

Really? Your favorite? More so than listening to Yeezy, playing video games, or sexting your girl? More than jerking off??? Oh dear.

But wait! It gets worse. When faced with the prospect of IRL social interaction, the artist retreats even further into his sad, lonely, online facsimile:

“Tell em leave me alone/Tell em leave me alone/I'm in my zone, facebookin' on my phone.”

Then there's the fact that many of the lyrics fail to rhyme or make sense. “Facebook” cannot be one's favorite song, you see, as it's not a song, but a website.

“facebook my favorite song”: saddest rap ever made, or masterful meta-commentary on internet culture and generational decline? YOU BE THE JUDGE.