Video: Here’s The Full Version Of Matthew Broderick’s Ferris Bueller Honda Superbowl Ad

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Following a mysterious teaser released a few days ago, the full version of Matthew Broderick‘s Ferris Bueller themed Superbowl ad is here. As suspected, it's for Honda.

The clip follows Broderick as he plays hooky from his present day job as an actor to tool around town in his Honda CR-V, doing such classically truant-y things as riding a roller coaster, running around a museum, and betting on a racehorse. He even sings in a parade like he did in the original John Hughes movie! Naturally, the commercial contains many Bueller-related “Easter eggs” for those sharp eyed enough to spot them, including, but not limited to: the flower delivery guy, the guy in a trench coat playing clarinet, and a cameo from Grace (Rooney‘s secretary). Watch and see how many of them you can spot.