Video: Here’s The First Behind-The-Scenes Clip From The New Carrie Movie Starring Chloe Moretz

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The first behind-the-scenes clip from the Carrie remake starring Chloe Moretz is here, and no, it's not from any of the dramatic scenes I hoped it would be from. However, it still contains subtle clues that this remake will do the original justice.

In it, we see Chloe as Carrie standing by the pool, all hunched over and trying to hide behind her hair as the popular girls emerge from somewhere (the locker room?). They are notable both for how they interact with her, and how they do not, with most of them ignoring her until one girl gets in her face to tell her to “wipe that smile off your face.” One gets the sense she wasn't smiling.

This might seem like a boring part of the movie to show us, but you have to remember that most of the movie is like this. Carrie slinks around feeling terrible about herself and never responding to her tormentors as she builds up resentment deep inside. It takes a lot to activate her deadly powers, and if it weren't for all the bad shit we see Carrie go through, it would be much harder to suspend our disbelief at the end. Hence, this glimpse of quiet suffering makes me think (as most of what's come out about this movie so far has) that this is going to be a very good take on a classic.

(Via Bloody Disgusting)