Video: Here’s A Montage Of All The Ladies Don Draper Sexed In Season 4 Of Mad Men

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All of Don's Ladies from Flavorwire on Vimeo.

After a torturous year-and-a-half-long hiatus, Mad Men is coming back this weekend! And to help get everyone in the mood to want to hatefuck Don Draper all over again, the good folks at Flavorwire have made a video montage of all the ladies he hooked up with in season 4. There are a lot of them, in case you'd forgotten.

Watching Don seduce woman after woman to the cool strains of Jack White‘s Love Interruption, I'm realizing I've forgotten who half of them even were. Just like Don, harr harr. The part where he leaves Dr. Faye Miller for the docile Megan still makes me want to cry and throw things, though. She was so right about him.

Raise your hard if you can't wait to watch Don and Megan's relationship fall apart in season 5!

(Via Vulture)