Video: HEART2HEART’s ‘Facebook Official’ Is A Confusing Combination Of Troll-ish And Sincere

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There's a new music video from Lance Bass-mentored boy band HEART2HEART that is currently making its way around the Internet. This video contains a puzzling mixture of hater-baiting memes and sincerity the likes of which I've never seen before, and that's saying something. Check out their ridiculous hair, intentional copying of N'Sync‘s c. 2000 video for “Bye Bye Bye,” and incredibly dumb lyrics about Facebook! And speaking of that infamous social networking site, as The Village Voice‘s Maura Johnston pointed out, their Facebook page seems like an overblown parody of the kind of presentation we've come to associate with mid-nineties issues of Tiger Beat. In addition to each member's birth name, fake boy band name, height, weight, and “role” (which for lead vocalist Nico includes “youngest”(!)), there's a hilarious explanation of what the name “HEART2HEART” means:

Their group name stands for the connection they would like to have with their fans across the world.

Good one, guys! What a funny meme you have created! I am laughing so hard I can barely move. Except I also have the lingering suspicion that maybe it's…not supposed to be a joke? I mean, the group has some real money behind it, as well as the blessing/help of Lance Bass. It seems like Bass is attempting to harness the pageview-grabbing powers of obnoxiousness/mockability as just another promotional tool in the rising boy band's arsenal. You could say we've seen this before with artists like Kreayshawn and Tyler the Creator (I am not counting Rebecca Black as a real artist, but she certainly has that quality in spades as well), but their obnoxiousness seems much more lived in and organic. Like, I believe that they are genuinely obnoxious people who are genuinely into obnoxious things. The obnoxiousness of this hand-selected and packaged boy band, on the other hand, seems much more calculated.

Is it going to work? Will any girls take HEART2HEART seriously enough to put posters of them up in their lockers? Will their next step be to confront all the “haters” they've intentionally created? IS THIS THE FUTURE OF MUSIC? I don't think so! But even the tiny possibility that it might be is making me want to go lie down for a while.

(Via Sound of the City)