Video: Harrison Ford Watches Himself As Indiana Jones For The First Time

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You may find this hard to believe, but Harrison Ford has never seen himself as the iconic character Indiana Jones. It wasn't until just recently that the actor not only confessed to having never watched them, but actually took the time to sit down and take them all in during a private screening. Luckily a team was there, too, to get it all on video.

Watch as Ford yells “go, go, go!” at the television, says “the action just keeps on coming – I have not ever seen anything like this,” and laughs at his overall Indiana Jones awesomeness.

Granted, this is just what Ford claims, so it's hard to tell for sure if he's pulling a fast one on fans or not. However, his face is priceless when he, Short Round and Willie Scott drop off the roller coaster in the Temple of Doom.