Video: Geeky Band Mashes Up Musical Internet Memes Into An Amazing Medley

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Ever wanted all of your favorite Internet memes in one place and some instrumental music for your studying/lounging around needs? Of course you do, and The GAG Quartet has your hookup. Their new video “Le Internet Medley” includes over 40 musical memes, expressed in awesome guitar-riff form. There's the well-known Trololo and Numa Numa Guy, new meme “Friday,” and of course Nyan Cat.

The worst part is, they won't list the memes; so far the YouTube page just has a challenge to recognize all of them. What makes this video so fun is that they don't skimp on the visual effects: Along with the music you have the troll memes used on Reddit and 4chan, plus Nyan Cat's nemesis Waffle Cat!