Video Gallery: Kate Gosselin’s Best WTF Moments From TLC’s (Jon And) Kate Plus 8

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Video Gallery  Kate Gosselin s Best WTF Moments from TLC s  Jon and  Kate Plus 8 kategosselin funny2 jpgTonight we finally say goodbye to the Gosselins, as Kate Plus 8 (formerly known as Jon and Kate Plus 8) has its series finale. Although Jon Gosselin proved himself to be a douchebag by cheating, we’ll never see Kate Gosselin as a victim thanks to the hours of shrill, neurotic footage that TLC has collected of her. Whether she’s going all evil clean-freak mother on her poor kids or slapping Jon during confessionals, Kate certainly made her mark on reality TV. (Something we noticed while combing through footage: Strangely, a lot of Kate’s freakouts have to do with food.)

Love Taps

Basically, you can accuse Kate of abusing anyone on this show — starting with husband Jon, who suffers the wrath of her “love taps.” Just look at her maniacal face while she’s doing it!

Husband = Dog

While Christmas shopping (start at 5:30), Kate orders Jon around, telling him first to stay in one aisle, then berating him for not “doing his job” and instead playing with the kids. Then she calls him like a dog — “Come here! Stay!” The worst part is how they laugh about it in the confessional, as if she hasn’t done anything wrong.

No Scooting!!

Kate gets furious when… wait for it… the kids roll around on the grass and stain their clothing! You would’ve thought one of them bashed their heads in, but no, it’s not about their fun level, it’s about how much she has to clean. (Come on, you know they must have an endorsement deal with Tide or somesuch.)

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