Video Gallery: Gory Celebrity Deaths of the ‘Scream’ Movies

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Although it's fantastic that the original cast of ScreamNeve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette — is returning for Scream 4, we're also excited to see which celebrity cameos will be in Wes Craven‘s new film. The preceding films have packed an astonishing number of celebrities in big and small roles, and due to the crucial rules of staying alive, a lot of them have met their ends in gloriously bloody deaths. Ready for a trip — with major spoilers — down memory lane?

Drew Barrymore, Scream

The most famous opening; even after the movies have become campy, this one still terrifies. We haven't seen anything like this before, the combination of the killer's taunts plus the popcorn amps up the tension, and it's so brutal. My boyfriend hates horror movies, and I still made him watch the first ten minutes when it was playing on TV. Best cameo ever.

Parker Posey, Scream 3

Posey, skilled at lampooning Hollywood and actors, plays Jennifer Jolie, an actress portraying Gale's on-screen persona in Stab 3. But when the killer returns and starts picking off cast members in the order in which they die in the Stab script, Jolie gets chased around the director's mansion and stabbed to death. The creepiest part is, it's behind a two-way mirror, so all Dewey sees is the mirror warping from her pounding her fists.

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