Video Gallery: 9 Hysterical Recut Movie Trailers

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Ever wondered what West Side Story would be like as a zombie movie? Or what Good Will Hunting would look like as a conspiracy thriller? How about Taxi Driver as a rom com? We've got your answers here! These nine movie trailers have been recut to make their genres seem like something else– and believe you me, they are HILARIOUS. Take a peek and see what's in store!

1) Scary Mary
This is the granddaddy of them all: The Mary Poppins trailer recut in such a way as to turn the charming magical nanny into a horror that will keep even the bravest of souls awake at night. Although, come to think of it, Mary Poppins was pretty trippy to begin with, so maybe this one isn't too far off the mark… Anyway, a word of advice: Don't let her near your children.

2) Shellback Mountain
Shortly after the release of Brokeback Mountain, innumerable parody trailers hit the interwebs, including a Star Trek one, a Star Wars one, and a Back to the Future one. My personal favorite, though, is Shellback Mountain, the tragic tale of two Turtles of Teenage Mutant Ninja variety and their forbidden love. We're going to ignore the fact that they're also brothers, because that's just icky.

3) One and a Half Man
What would Game of Thrones look like if it was a buddy comedy? Probably something like this, starring everyone's favorite dwarf and his sidekick sellsword. Click through to watch it here.

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