Video: Foster The People Channel Weekend At Bernie’s In Their Video For ‘Houdini’

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The hoodie clad dudes in Foster The People are so adorable, you'd almost think they were cyborgs. And in their new music video for “Houdini,” they are.

For their third (and perhaps final) music video off 2011's Torches, they went big, with another video helmed by directing duo Daniels. In it, a tragic stage accident puts the boys out of commission, due to their being dead and all. But the show must go on, so a crack team of shady doctors manages to reanimate them Weekend At Bernie‘s style. When that doesn't work so well, they turn them into cyborgs, and they sing and dance just as well as ever, probably better. With its relentless dance beats, the song itself is not bad, if a bit formulaic. But it's a formula for something pleasant, so I can't get mad at it.

(Via MTVu)