Video: Five Queer-Friendly Hip Hop Songs That Pre-Date ‘The World’s First Pro-Gay Rap Song’

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An item posted earlier today on Gawker proclaimed a song by Texas-based rapper Adair Lion “the world's first pro-gay rap song.” While I commend any and all efforts to fight homophobia in hip hop and the world in general, “Ben (Gay Is Okay)” is hardly the first rap song to have overtly gay themes…there's even a whole subgenre of hip hop called “sissy bounce” that consists of nothing but queer artists. Here are some pre-existing examples of queer-friendly rap. They're sassy, they're brassy, and they'll probably get your booty going.

Perhaps the most famous representative of New Orleans sissy bounce, trans MC Big Freedia is known for getting the party started in her hometown and beyond. Black, white, big, small, gay, straight…all asses are welcome.

Equally at home in punk rock and hip hop clubs, Vockah Redu‘s elaborate stage show transports listeners out of their boring daily lives to somewhere much more fabulous. I've seen it with my own eyes!

Here's a lesbian rap group telling us how to properly perform cunnilingus.

Brooklyn rap collective House of LaDosha is fronted by two cross-dressing gay men whose interests include fashion, witchcraft, and “fagging out.”

On the ally side of things, here's P.O.S., who states:

“And I don't say faggot/Cause I don't think that's right/I know my boy struggle with that for over half his life”