Video: Evan Rachel Wood Sings Karaoke, Takes It Way Seriously

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One thing I like about Evan Rachel Wood is that she makes no effort to hide the fact that she’s a big, dorky theater person. While other actors hide behind hipster glasses and publicists, she’s out there engaging in shameless cosplay by dressing alternately like Dita Von Teese and some sort of fancy chimbly sweep. She says things like “I think I’m a little controversial?” She dated Marilyn Manson, king of mall Goths. And when the chance to do karaoke comes a-knockin’, she jumps right up there in her red carpet attire and actually tries to be good, bless her heart.

We’ve seen her do this once already, when she sang Justin Bieber’s “U Smile” at a party earlier this summer. Now, video has surfaced of her performing 4 Non Blondes‘ awesomely bad nineties hit “What’s Up” at an after party for the Venice Film Festival in front of a crowd that included George Clooney (director of the Wood-featuring new film The Ides Of March) and probably a lot of other famous people, too. Evan has a great voice, but I can’t help thinking of that person you don’t know who shows up to the bar and totally kills a song…and you think it’s really awesome, until you realize he’s there by himself, and practiced his song at home all week, and generally takes the whole thing way too seriously.

I’m not saying Evan is That Guy, but she also clearly does not give a fuck about being cool, and that is why we love her. This love should last indefinitely, provided she stays away from show tunes.