Video: Disney’s Enchanted Matches The Little Mermaid Almost Shot-For-Shot

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While looking up the original Titanic video for my battle of the movie trailers, I stumbled across this video from 2009, comparing two rather different Disney movies. Now, it's clear that their 2007 film Enchanted is a modern Disney movie that riffs on those that come before: For one, the princess-to-be Giselle (Amy Adams) has some self-aware anxiety about getting married too soon. But you can clearly see that specific shots in the movie — both the live-action and animated portions — were directly inspired by 1989's The Little Mermaid.

Sure, some of these are a stretch: All of the Disney princesses love their little critter friends, not just the redheaded ones. But it's moments where Ariel and Giselle are interacting with their respective men that match up so exactly that you have to wonder if the animators watched some Little Mermaid before putting pencil to paper. Not to mention the sheepdog conspiracy!