Video: Courtney Stodden Makes Her ‘Funny Or Die’ Debut On Jason Alexander’s Fake Talk Show

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You knew this was coming. As part of her ongoing quest to stay famous for 1.) being a sexually active teen, and 2.) dressing like a video vixen from the 80s, Courtney Stodden has appeared in a video for comedy site Funny Or Die. It also features the gravely missed Jason Alexander, so I'm sorry to report that the sketch is more “die” than “funny.” Can you guess what its premise is?

That's right, it's her boobs. It is always her boobs. In the clip, Courtney and her creeptastic husband appear on the talk show of one “Donny Clay” (a Dr. Phil competitor played by Alexander), presumably to work through some issues with him. And by “work through some issues with,” I mean “get felt up by.”

While the video could certainly have had a better premise (how many times will I have to say that “hot girl is hot” is not a joke?) I'm struck by just how little comedic talent Courtney has. She's never quite sure where to look, and she sucks the air right out of the room. This is surprising, considering the fact that she seems to be at least somewhat in on the joke that is her existence. Maybe she'd be better in a tragic role? In any case, she should keep on taking those acting classes.

(Via HuffPo)