Video clips of Britney Spears performing in New York City

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As I mentioned, Britney Spears took her “Circus” tour to New York City the other night, performing at Madison Square Garden. In this video clip, she performs “Toxic”.

It was fun to see this clip because it's a different costume this time around. I was especially interested by the fact that she's wearing glasses. It's not really something that I would have expected to see a pop star wearing on stage, but she's Britney Spears – so naturally she totally rocks the look!

In this clip there's a bit of “Circus” and then a bit of “Piece of Me”:

I don't know why but I just never get tired of seeing Britney performing these songs. I still really love the whole dancing in the cage thing for “Piece of Me“, it's always awesome and looks like so much fun!

In fact, it's so much fun, let's take another look at it, this time from a different angle.

No, it really never gets old.