Video clip of the Jolie-Pitt family arriving at Mary Poppins

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Yesterday I posted some photos of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie taking the four oldest Jolie-Pitt kids to see “Mary Poppins” on Broadway. In the comments, PittWatch reader Angela provided a link to a video clip of the family's arrival.

While it's a bit of a shame that the bodyguards actually have to ASK the paparazzi to move back from the kids because that should be common sense. In fact – and long-time readers have heard me say this before – it should be a law that paparazzi must be a certain distance away from celebrity children. I take a lot of pictures too so I can assure them that you can buy excellent lenses that allow you to photograph your subject from a reasonable distance. There is no need to be directly in someone's face with a camera like that.

Still, I've definitely seen worse. As far as the insanity that unfolds when Brad and Angelina arrive on the scene, especially with their kids, this was pretty tame. I was also impressed by how efficient the whole process is, they got out of the car and into the building in a fairly quick and smooth manner.

The best part of the video is when Pax starts saying, “go! Go!” to the paparazzi, shooing them away. It seems as though he's imitating the bodyguards because they also wave the cameras back. Kids are really good at picking up on everything around them. Too bad Pax is still so young since right now it's more cute than effective but I can see him being a force to be reckoned with!

Thanks for the heads' up Angela!