Video: Check Out This Insane Interview With Patrice Wilson, The Guy Who Wrote ‘Friday’ For Rebecca Black

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A Welsh journalist named Jon Ronson has just released a mini-documentary on the making of the viral behemoth that is Rebecca Black's “Friday,” and it's notable mainly for the glimpse it gives us into the cuckoo mind of Ark Music Factory founder Patrice Wilson.

First, Ronson talks to Benni Cinkle, a.k.a. the girl sitting next to Rebecca Black in the car scenes in “Friday.” This interview is notable mainly for the fact that Cinkle seems to think Wilson “chooses” his “next big star” based on talent, rather than whose parents are willing to fork over $1,000.

Next, he talks to Wilson at the office of his lawyer, and things get kind of weird. Wilson initially refuses to talk to Ronson, but relents once he finds out Ronson is going to appear on Late Night With Conan O'Brien that night. Wilson then proceeds to:

  • Reveal his musical ignorance by insisting that “Friday” was the first song ever to be written about Friday, or any day(s) of the week, for that matter.
  • Admit that it took him about 30 minutes to write “Friday.”
  • Explain his creative process a bit. (He asks the “artists” when their favorite candy, pet, etc. is and then writes the song “based on the story they give me.”)
  • Say he sees viral potential in Jon Ronson, the guy who is currently interviewing him.

That's right, it was fate that brought them together! He even sends over a song clearly intended for Ronson to play on Conan O'Brien, which bears the lyrics “I'm on the Conan show, show, show” and “Ark Music made this song for me / Ark Music wrote this song for me / In one day, one day.” Subtle.

Basically, it seems like Wilson isn't really in on the joke that the songs he writes are popular because they are terrible. In fact, he's sort of like a real life Tom Haverford from Parks and Recreation: relentlessly self-promotional, but lovable for his pathetic lack of self-awareness. It's apparent this guy isn't laughing all the way to the bank, but sincerely furrowing his brow as if to say, “finally, my massive talent is bearing fruit.” Either that, or he's an insanely convincing performance artist. The world may never know.

(Via Popdust)