Video: Check Out the ‘Super 8’ Interactive Trailer

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J.J. Abrams‘ 2008 monster movie Cloverfield was a fascinating study in viral marketing, with ARGs (Alternate Reality Games) and cryptic clues that captured audiences' attention long before we even knew what the title is. His new film Super 8 utilizes similar fan engagement, with an interactive trailer that appeared, in all places, embedded in the just-released Portal 2.

It's a genius move: Abrams' demographic was playing Portal 2 since its release yesterday, so why not give them something to whet their appetites until June 10? In the full-length trailer that we've already seen, the film's main characters are shooting a monster movie when a train derails and a mysterious creature fights its way out of an armored compartment. In the trailer, you are on that train and get to explore the increasingly-creepy cars before the collision we all know is coming. (Come to think of it's, it's a bit like Source Code.)

Check out the aftermath for yourself: