Video: ‘Bad Lip Reading’ Makes Bizarre Fun Of Michele Bachmann

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Have you seen these “Bad Lip Reading” videos? Basically, they take a video of someone talking or singing, remove the sound, and then add a track of what it looks like they're saying. Because they are “bad lip readers,” the results are totally weird and comical. (My all time favorite of these is Russian Unicorn, a bad lip reading of Michael Bubl√©.)

The latest person to receive the BLR treatment is none other than GOP presidential candidate and friend to bullies Michele Bachmann, whose serial killer eyes go along really well with the WTF things she is saying. I know it's an obvious joke to make that the BLR gibberish is the most coherent we've ever heard her sound, but I'm going to go ahead and make it anyway. On a more serious note, I wish she really would start speaking gibberish, because it would be a huge improvement over the chirpy, backwards hatred that generally pours from the asshole version of the Bible that lives inside her head and does her thinking for her.

Bonus: they made one of Rick Perry, too.