Video: Azealia Banks Performs Her Hit ‘212’ For Fashion People At Karl Lagerfeld’s House

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There's no way to prove you actually have talent like ripping through a song live with minimal set-up, and that's exactly what up-and-coming rapper/singer/all-around awesome chick Azealia Banks did the other night at the domicile of one Mr. Karl Lagerfeld.

At a recent fete thrown by The Kaiser the celebrate his new clothing line, Azealia Banks, who is already loved by the fashion world for her fresh style and unique ability to express the feelings fashion people keep bottled up inside (aggression, bombast, oral sex lust), gave a performance that delighted all present. (The video comes courtesy of high profile editor and man-about-town Derek Blasberg, who claims to have crashed the party.) Ms. Banks barely came up for air as she confidently spit out each clever rhyme in her viral hit “212,” sounding alternately tough, nerdy, crass, and adorable. She also sang all the hooks, because she doesn't fuck around. The song proved so infectious it even made some of the fancy people there try to dance to it, with awkward results. Magnificent!

Can people please stop comparing Ms. Banks to Kreayshawn, now? It's not just my east coast bias speaking when I say that Azealia Banks has more talent in the blue tips of her hair than Kreay has in the entirety of her stiff little body. And yes, it is a competition. Hiphop is a battle, folks, and Azealia Banks is winning.

(Via Prefix Mag)