Video: Avril Lavigne Dons A Taylor Momsen Wig For Her ‘Goodbye’ Video

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In celebration of the end of her “Black Star” tour, Avril Lavigne has dropped a music video with the stated double purpose of thanking her fans and soliciting donations to her foundation that helps sick and disabled children. And what better way to accomplish all that than by putting on a ridiculous blonde wig and rolling around in fetish underwear?

In the Mark Liddell-directed clip, the usually demure cutie looks all sad and mopey while mouthing the word “goodbye” a lot and waiting in her undies for a dude who never shows up to have kinky sexytimes with her. She even brought a riding crop and a video camera. Those things aren't cheap, dammit!

As much begrudging respect as I have for the mall punk-styled pop singer, I don't know if this was the best decision. Whatever you think of her music, Avril's message has always been that you should be sassy and spunky and empowered, even when relationships don't go the way you wanted them to, and seeing her in this ridiculous outfit crying helplessly over a boy just feels…wrong. She's allowed to write a sad song for the soundtrack of Teen Mom once in a while, but is all the Taylor Momsen-ing really necessary? At 27, I thought Avril had reached a point where she was comfortable enough with her own image not to pull a stunt like this. “Growing up your image” via boudoir video is for horny 18-year-olds like Momsen, not 27-year-olds. In fact, I've always been kind of impressed Avril was able to mature in her songwriting while still retaining her youthful insouciance, demonstrating that there's more than one way for a pop star, or a person, for that matter, to be a “grown-up.” (Maybe this hits a little close to home, as I'm the same age as Avril, hold a steady job, and pay my own bills, yet still wear Converse with dresses. What of it?)

Then again, she strips off the wig at the end, perhaps demonstrating that she knows that this type of artifice isn't for her. And, judging from the Youtube comments, the fans really love it. What do you think?