Video: Anna Faris’ SNL Imitation Of A Lifetime Movie Mom Is Incredible

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Please can Saturday Night Live make their faux-Lifetime game show What's Wrong with Tanya?! a regular sketch? Because it's a hilarious parody of the insane plots of the latest teens-in-trouble flicks. But even if The Powers That Be don't bring this back in the next few weeks, at least we'll always have Anna Faris and her pitch-perfect imitation of the quintessential, oblivious Lifetime mom.

That's not to say the other two actresses were bad: Part of what made the gag was Kristen Wiig, Vanessa Bayer (of The Miley Cyrus Show fame), and Anna all wearing the same shaggy blond wig and pastel sweater set. But Anna most sold the overwrought middle-class white mom act — she was the host, so of course they gave her the most material — by knowing exactly how the Tanyas were being sexually coerced.

The twenty seconds where she says yes or yells “NO!” was a touch of genius. Please, SNL, bring this back as soon as possible.