Video: Angelina Jolie & James Haven With Marcheline Bertrand

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Since January 27th is sadly the anniversary (what a word to have to use) of the untimely death of Angelina Jolie’s mother, Marcheline Bertrand I wanted to share this home video of Marcheline with Angelina and Angie’s brother James Haven.

We see the three of them in Hawaii with Marcheline and Angelina dancing on the beach and later see Marcheline carrying her daughter.

It’s been said before but especially in this video I have to say that Angelina is absolutely the spitting image of her mother. It’s almost startling to see Marcheline and remember that it’s not Angie!

From what I can see in these clips, Marcheline was a very care-free mother, having fun with her children, laughing and dancing, and just enjoying life with them. From what I’ve seen over the years, Angelina is the same kind of mother. I wonder what home videos of the Jolie-Pitt home would show – probably just as much fun and life!

No wonder Angelina grew up to have so much love and compassion for children. After all, just look at who raised her!

Thank you Vivian for sharing this clip with me so I could post it here!

EDIT: The video has been removed, with a heartfelt thank you to viewers who left nice comments. It has been retired to the family’s archives. If you missed it, you can see part of it in this Entertainment Tonight clip: