Video: Amanda Seyfried Is A Badass Vigilante (Or Just Crazy) In New Thriller Gone

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Amanda Seyfried has been quite the busy little actress lately. Just one month after the premiere of In Time, she has a new movie coming out, and it looks pretty intense. No wonder she gets stressed out sometimes.

The trailer for Gone sets the film up as a psycho-thriller wherein it’s uncertain whether the villain is real or Amanda Seyfried’s character is just imagining things. A shadowy figure has kidnapped her sister, and, we find out, she knows who he is because she once escaped from him in the past. OR DID SHE? The cops couldn’t find any evidence of this bad guy’s nightmare cave before, but then again, cops in horror movies rarely can.

I can think of at least one other Amanda Seyfried movie off the top of my head in which key plot points turn out to be total fabrications of the mentally disturbed blonde cutie she plays, but if I had to guess, I’d say the villain in this film is real. The better to have epic fighting and chasing scenes.

(Via I’m Not Obsessed)