Video: Alec Baldwin Busts Out His Tracy Morgan Impression, Other Impressions

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Last night on Late Night With Conan O'Brien, Alec Baldwin discussed moving to Greenwich Village, tweeting from the bathroom, and his run for mayor of NYC (or non-run, as he insists on insisting). Along with each charming anecdote, he did at least one impression of someone else. Sometimes multiple impressions!

Over the course of the interview, he portrayed a South Asian cabbie, a New Yawk cabbie, Jimmy Stewart, a horse, a shady moving guy, and a miserly Mayor Bloomberg. But his impression of 30 Rock cast mate Tracy Morgan was by far the best, if only because Tracy Morgan is the best. When asked by Conan what it's like to work with him, he told a charming story about how Tracy likes to recuperate from his hangovers by watching Michael Jackson specials from the 70s, and did an impression that was equal parts accuracy and affection. Oh, to be a 30 Rock cast member and get gently mocked by Alec Baldwin.