Video: Adorable British Children Review Azealia Banks’ Hip-Hop Hit ‘212’

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Is there anything cuter than small children trying to analyze pop culture? How about small children with English accents trying to analyze pop culture?

The geniuses at Vice's music site Noisey recently invited some incredibly cute little English kids to come into their UK office and give their take on Azealia Banks‘ viral hiphop hit “212,” and the results were predictably delightful.

Reactions ranged from a measured “it's too fast for me to say” to a frantic “the music makes me feel angry!” Most of the kids seemed to get into it at least a little, although I'm not sure how appropriate a song with the hook “I guess that cunt gettin' eaten” is for children. (Supposedly they listened to the “clean version,” which must be half silence.) The prize for both most adorable and most weirdly spot-on, though, goes to the kid who said “I think a lion would like this, because it eats meat.” There is something big-cat-like and carnivorous about Azealia Banks, isn't there? From the mouths of babes!

(Via Noisey)