Video: 90s Boy Band Hugs It Out With Early 00s Boy Band

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Are you kidding?? While we were busy freaking out about the Mermaid Parade (not that there is anything wrong with that), the New Kids On The Block reunited (or re-reunited? Or are they just permanently back together now for a reunion tour?) for a performance at Radio City Music Hall. Oh, and they decided to cover “I Want It That Way” by their successors, the Backstreet Boys.

And in a surprise move, the Backstreet Boys actually got on stage and sang along with the New Kids! Oh man, it is like different, embarrassing stages of our lives all got together and decided to hug it out, Glee-style, and Backstreet got to sing “Shape of My Heart” all by themselves, which the New Kids allowed probably over their shared hatred of some members of N'Sync's solo success. We're just glad there's video or else we might actually have to commit seppuku for missing this.