Survey Names Victoria Beckham The Least Fun Celeb, Zig-a-Zag-WHAT!?!

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Is that a dementor in the room or is that just the completely unfair Jackpotjoy.com survey that named Victoria Beckham the least fun celeb? While I didn't plan on kicking off my morning talking about grave injustices, I cannot ignore the findings of this survey. Not when it's making the ridiculous claim that Posh Spice is the least fun celebrity. POSH SPICE PEOPLE.

The lion’s share of votes was scooped by Victoria Beckham, 23% of all research respondents selected her. Despite being married to one of the world’s most desirable men, the artist formerly known as ‘Posh Spice’ is rarely seen without her trademark pout.

Sure she doesn't always smile and sure I sometimes feel like she's already teaching her daughter Harper Seven Beckham to judge me through tabloid photos, but whatever. This is a person who once partied with a woman who insisted on being called Baby Spice. If that doesn't make her fun, then I misunderstand the meaning of the word.

Even if she spends the rest of her days sitting in a dark room, starring at the walls and reciting facts about global poverty, she'd still be fun. It's one of the many perks of starring in Spice World. No matter how much you glower and frown and muck about, you'll always be considered fun.

I mean, does a non-fun person dance like this?

Or get a montage made like this?

Or marry this?

It's one thing to call out celebrities who don't always smile, but it's a whole thing to accuse a '90s pop sensation of being “the least fun celeb” when everyone knows she's had sexual intercourse with David Beckham at least four times.

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