Victoria Beckham Reminds Me She’s Human And That I Like Her In This Interview

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Victoria Beckham

Until 2007's Victoria Beckham: Coming to America documentary special, I had no idea how I felt about Victoria Beckham.  Sure, I lip-synced to many a Spice Girls song back in the day, and always felt a kinship with Posh over all of the others (turns out I wasn't much of a ginger stripper in 6th grade and had not one ounce of athleticism, scariness, or baby cuteness).  But I never really developed a solid opinion about her until that one-hour show.  I decided that I liked her, and just because she's not super smiley doesn't mean she's not an enjoyable person.

But that show never became a series, and Victoria Beckham went back to being pretty quiet and un-smiley.  It isn't until I see her tear up at her husband's retirement game or read decent interviews of hers that I remember I like her again.  Take this recent interview with China's August issue of Vogue (yeah, I guess China has Vogue), where she opens up about feeling guilty being a working mom, and what she finds more important than fame:

“When you are successful, the hardest thing is maintaining that level of success, so you work harder to maintain what you have achieved. It's a huge juggling act, when you are a working mother and looking after your family. Millions and millions of women around the world are doing this every day, but it's not easy and yes, you feel guilty every time you walk out of the door to go to work.”

On one hand, I'm like “Okay, so even David Beckham‘s wife feels guilty and overworked sometimes.  That's cool.”  And on the other hand, I'm all “Okay, so if Victoria Beckham–with all of her resources and amazing life things–feels overwhelmed sometimes, there is zero hope for me and/or my future children.”

What I really liked about this interview were her thoughts on female empowerment, even if it means she's pretty much shooting down all chances of being an entertainer again:

“I have been in the limelight for over 20 years.  I am not on an ego trip; empowering women and making them feel sexy and great when they wear my clothes means more than thousands of people clapping. Empowering women is what makes me feel good.”

Even though she was probably grimacing as she said it, I can raise a pinky and a spot of tea to that. Cheers, VB!

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