Well That’s Odd — Victoria Beckham Designs Clothing On Her Own Naked Body

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Victoria Beckham attending the premiere of VIVA Forever The Spice Girls Musical November 2012Lest you thought for a moment that Victoria Beckham was just one of us normals moving about her life, you can go ahead and think again because the way she designs her clothing line is more than slightly odd. According to an interview she gave The Sun, Victoria doesn't start with a sketch the way most designers do; instead, she gets naked and makes clothes on her own body. Okay so wait. I don't totally understand this. What's popping into my head is her drawing clothing on herself with lipstick, but I haven't ruled out it being more of a paper doll thing, or having people just drape fabrics on her like she's a dress form. There are so many options, and they're all a little zany — I mean why not just make sketches like everybody else? Wouldn't that save a lot of time and awkward reaching around to draw a zipper down your own back?

The weirdest part, though, is that unless I'm misreading this, Victoria is actually naked in the meetings themselves, and not just during her own solo design time:

“I start by sitting down with the team and discussing ideas first. We’re all very close…I normally, you know, get naked and make clothes on myself. That’s pretty much how it works.”

I'm not crazy, right? She's definitely suggesting she might get naked in front of these people, saying how close they are and following it up with the naked comment. And especially the fact that she's a celebrity, and they're notoriously erratic. Regardless of whether I'm misreading it or not, this is a really hilarious concept, and I can totally see a meeting going down that way. All the designers are sitting around a table getting prepped for the meeting like, “Okay, we're brainstorming our new line today, so it's likely a Naked Tuesday for Mrs. Beckham. Everyone just keep your eyes on your own paper, and she'll have scribbled over her own nipples in no time. Just keep it totes profesh, team.”

I mean I guess in a family where your husband David Beckham‘s schlong gets its own full-size billboards, there's likely nothing left to the imagination, right? So why pretend.

(Image: Lia Toby / WENN.com)