Victoria Beckham Starts A Handbag-As-Hat Trend At New York Fashion Week

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Victoria Beckham Fashion Week Bag TwitterI defy all of you to think Victoria Beckham isn't fun after seeing the photo she tweeted from New York Fashion Week. She has a bag over her head, people! A bag! Would a non-fun person share such an image of herself?

I've always been fond of Victoria Beckham. Ever since childhood when I took extra special care of my Posh Spice Barbie doll. And I've always known she took herself a lot less seriously than everyone seemed to think due to her constant pouting. Sometimes smiling is tiring, okay?!

Based on this fun new picture, either Victoria is planning a new career as the more stylish version of the Unknown Comic or the stress of New York Fashion week is starting to get to her.

Actually, it's apparently the second one, because Victoria wrote with the photo:

Victoria Beckham Fashion Week Tweet

Obviously Victoria has a much more stylish way of dealing with delirium than we do. That yellow tote is much more on-trend than the cereal box I used to wear on my head during finals week in college.

We all know what's coming. This is obviously the newest trend all the cool people don't know about. First Jennifer Lawrence inspires us all to rip our dresses, and now Victoria Beckham is inspiring us all to dump the contents of our handbag onto the ground and wear it as a hat. There are piles of tampons and old movie tickets littering the bedroom floors of countless women as we speak.

And it's only a matter of time before the celebrities catch on. Alicia Silverstone will have her hemp tote bag atop her head, Lady Gaga will have her monster pod or whatever she uses to hold things slipping down her forehead.

My only question is how we're all supposed to see. Do we cut holes in the bag or just wear it farther up on our heads? Victoria, give me a call and let me know.

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